Oh, Canada…Your waterfowl is Amazing


Oh, CANADA…Your waterfowl is Amazing I am finally getting around to writing about my AMAZING hunting trip up north to Saskatchewan, Canada. I live very close to the border of Canada and have visited many times; however, I have never had the opportunity to hunt there until recently.   A few weeks ago, my good…

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About Nikki

I grew up on a large dairy farm in Western New York and continue to reside there today. It is this setting that has shaped my love for the outdoors…a passion that drives me to spend as much time hunting and fishing as possible.

My dad introduced me to hunting and fishing when I was young and I quickly embraced the lifestyle. I fell in love with hunting because of the camaraderie and bond I experienced between fellow hunters. I vividly remember how special it was when my family and friends would all gather and grill venison after a successful day of hunting.

I experienced firsthand how being active in the outdoors can change a person’s entire perception on life and my mission is to share that joy with others.

I volunteer my time to help teach Hunters Education Programs in New York State and I am also a Certified Pistol Instructor.

It is no secret that making maple syrup is a family tradition in our household. However, What people may not know is that my great grandfather began sugaring’ nearly 100 years ago as a hobby. My dad fell in love with the sugar woods and the process of making maple syrup when he was young and decided to expand it into a business.

The maple season is short and intense, typically from mid February to the end of March, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done year round.



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